'Fray is a bold, graceful and refreshingly complex work.' TVBomb *****


‘Fray’ brings together the two host ensembles in a new production choreographed by Peter Darrell Award winner Diana Loosmore. The work developed from the idea of the fight or flight response: the primitive, automatic reaction to perceived threat to our survival, which prepares us to fight or flee.



'Loosmore's new work had, at its core, the behavioural facets encompassed by the phrase "flight or flight" - not just the physical stances of defensive-aggression or self-preserving bursts of sprinting speed, but the internal conflicts that seethe with indecision over staying or going when relationships turn awkward.' The Herald ****



The music is as much an integral part of the performance as the dance, with a diverse programme of works by Christopher Rathbone, who wrote Daniel’s Razor for Daniel’s Beard, the inimitable Nadia Boulanger, whose students included Phillip Glass and Quincy Jones, and contemporary Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki.



'Their timing is impeccable, with miraculous delays in unison parts sculpting motion so that it fits the ends of musical phrases like perfectly tailored clothing.' TVBomb ****



Created with generous support from: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, CREAR, Space to Create, Dance House Glasgow and The Movement Studio


Funded by Creative Scotland and The McGlashan Trust


Fray premiered 26th June 2015 at the The Cottier Chamber Project










"My heart lifted my feet,

and I danced"

Nathan of Nemirov

photo credit: Mikah Smillie





Based on the 'Fight or Flight' reaction.


Choreography by Diana Loosmore

with chamber ensemble Daniel's Beard.